You can do the control by the following menu buttons:

  • Information for main features and help
  • Refresh a menu
  • Back to previous screen
  • Automatic cameras switching
  • Control optical zoom in

  • Control optical zoom out

  • Enable night mode
  • Disable night mode
  • Audio feature On
  • Audio feature Off

  • Push to Talk
  • Activate Audio or Face or Motion detection
  • Deactivate Audio or Face or Motion detection
  • Record video feeds to Camera Roll in your Photo Albums
  • Record Off
  • Horizontal patrol
  • Vertical patrol
  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
  • Stop for Patrol, GPIO
  • Pan Tilt controls up to 8 directions (if applicable)
  • ~ Home or max 8 predefined positions
  • Set or Go Presets
  • Auto Patrol
  • Next camera screen
  • Previous camera screen
  • Saves the images into your device’s photo Albums
  • How to Pinch-to-Zoom in/out

    With multi-touch, you can place two fingers on the screen and squeeze them together to make the item you’re viewing smaller, or pull them apart to make it bigger. That’s where you hold one finger on the screen and move it around, causing the screen under your finger to scroll to navigate the spot you desire.