These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of uMobileCam solution:

Q: How do I subscribe to uMobileCam service?
A: All you need is to just enter User ID and Key and Password, your email or government issued ID is not required to process your subscription.
Q: How can I create account?
A: Key and Password between 6 and 24 characters; must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one numeric digit. For example: User ID: demo123, Key: Demokey123, Password: Demopw123. You must enter all the same User ID, Key, Password between Camera and Monitor.
Q: Why don't I connect each other?
A: You need to make a pair; Camera and Monitor mode if you want to connect between your devices. ID, Key, Password must be same between Camera and Monitor. The app on camera side must be running before the app on monitor side access to camera side.
Q: How do I view the webcam on my PC thru my mobile device?
A: You first need to setup account in your mobile device as Monitor then install “uMobileCam Camera” on your PC. Do the settings your account of the uMobileCam Camera on your PC by using the same ID, Key, Password as used in the Monitor device. Now you can connect each other.
Q: What are system requirements?
A: You need to refer to "System Requirements" or our manual at
Q: What types of mobile devices can I use?
A: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 6.0 or later, Android Phone and Tablet with Android 2.3 or later (Currently Galaxy series are verified)
Q: What types of webcam on desktop or notebook can I use?
A: Built-in or USB webcam running on OS X Lion or later, or Windows 7 or later.
Q: Do I have to buy camera?
A: Not necessary, all you need is camera-enabled mobile devices (Phone, Tablet) or built-in cameras on Mac/Windows. If you already have a network camera, it can be also supported.
Q: What types of network cameras will work with this service?
A: Different types of network cameras are supported: 1000+ models of network cameras and video servers from over 100+ manufacturers please refer to
Q: How many devices can be configured with one account?
A: During the setup process, you will be asked to create a new account or login with an existing account. Enter your existing account such as User ID and Key and Password to associate uMobileCam to that account. Up to eight numbers of devices (Android/iOS mobile devices and Mac/Windows computer) and unlimited number of network cameras can be configured. However the camera device can be accessible at the same from up to two monitor device.
Q: What guarantees of privacy do I have?
A: Encrypted string randomly generated by user ID and Key is sent to the server for registration. Additional encrypted Password string is saved only between camera side and monitor side on your devices. We do not save your ID and Key and Password, thus you should make a note of them and keep it in a safe place just in case OR you can set the auto login feature.
Q: Does it save the video and/or images?
A: Motion or/and audio events are stored as images in your Gallery
Q: Where are captured files stored?
A: Captured files are saved into your device’s photo Gallery. Optionally you can use Google Drive or Dropbox to automatically upload a copy of the motion events to a cloud server
Q: Why is it slow to view images saved in the cloud server?
A: Sometimes cloud server responds slowly. It depends on the network traffic and/or your device performance and/or server capability which may cause a little bit of delay in response. You should wait for completely loading.
Q: Can I use uMobileCam anywhere?
A: Yes. As long as the network you use allows your device to communicate with our server.
Q: What are the major benefits of uMobileCam server?
A: We do incur ongoing monthly server and bandwidth costs to provide our users with the uMobileCam All-In-One Mobile Surveillance service. The uMobileCam service is essentially the Zero configuration connection capability and the Push Notifications that are sent whenever and wherever events are detected. With the Zero configuration connection, the majority of our users don't have to configure their routers, figure out their IP addresses, or setup a third-party dynamic DNS service to view their camera-enabled mobile device or built-in/USB camera when they are outside their local network. All you have to do is to enter a User ID and Key and Password combination to communicate between uMobileCam camera side device and the uMobileCam monitor side device. The Push Notification is also one of the more useful features of uMobileCam, and the way that APNS(Apple Push Notification Server) or Android C2DM(Cloud to Device Messaging) has things set up is that our servers have to receive the audio and motion detection messages from the uMobileCam camera side device and then forward them on to APNS or C2DM. Especially network cameras cannot send the notifications directly to the APNS or the C2DM server. In addition, our servers forward even Email Alerts on your network camera to the APNS or the C2DM server.
Q: How can I get Push Notifications on the monitor device for the network camera?
Q: Are audios or videos streamed to the server?
A: No, uMobileCam videos and audios are streamed peer-to-peer, directly from your uMobileCam camera side device to your uMobileCam monitor side device without going through our servers, as stated in our app description.
Q: What is “UPnP or Port Forwarding fail” all about?
A: If you get the " UPnP or Port Forwarding fail" with error message 19 or 20 when your device (Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac/Windows computer) is connecting via cellular or a different WiFi network, then your router does not have UPnP enabled or the camera device was unable to configure it. You need to change Port Type to the “Manual” in the camera setup screen and then manually forward the port in your router by referring to How to set static IP on Android phone or Windows or Mac for your camera enabled device. The issue is that generally both the camera and monitor side networks use a complex port translation technique.
Q: Will I be charged for the data when I use?
A: You will be charged by your cell phone carrier for the data unless you use a Wi-Fi connection. Please check with your wireless carrier for suitable data plans and pricing.
Q: What is SRN?
A: SRN stands for Support Reference Number shown beside Device in Setup screen. That is required to be attached when you send an email for your support.
Q: How can I change device?
A: If you wish to use uMobileCam with another device, you must delete it from device list in setup then just login on your new device as far as maximum device limitation is allowed.
Q: How can I Use the Cloud server?
A: Sign into the Cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox with your account. If you don't have a the Cloud account, you need to create one first. They will allow you to store event detection files in the cloud so that the storage could be accessed anywhere.
Q: How can I Use the background audio functionality?
A: You can do the following steps in the Monitor device:
1. Turn “Background Audio” ON in “Settings"
2. “Save” the settings and “Back” to the menu screen
3. Tap “Single View” to connect the Camera device
4. Select the Camera device name
5. Make sure that the audio button is ON (If you can’t hear any audio, make the audio button ON in the second control menu at the bottom of the app screen)
6. Now press the Home button on the bottom of your iOS device while listening
7. The app will be running in the background
8. You can make the app run in the foreground by pressing the red bar at the top of your iOS screen
Note that If you’d like to exit the app, you need to turn off the audio on the app screen or “Background Audio” OFF on the settings.

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Please send an email including your SRN (Support Reference Number) on your setup screen to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.