What is uMobileCam Android APP

uMobileCam enables you to turn camera-enabled Android (Phone, Tablet) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) into network cameras with audio and motion detection capabilities.

This All-in-One app also allows you to remotely monitor built-in/USB cameras on Mac/Windows and various types of network cameras - 1000+ models from over 100+ manufacturers with various options, push notification and an incredibly intuitive touch screen user interface.

System Requirements

In order to use our solution, you will need:

  • Android Phone, Tablet with Android 2.3 or later
  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 6.0 or later
  • Mac with OS X Lion or later and PC with Windows 7 or later
  • Internet connection (through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G) on mobile device and computer and network camera
  • To buy  uMobileCam from Google Play
  • To free download uMbileCam Camera or Monitor from our web
  • Mac with OS X Lion or later
    * Camera: Free download from Mac Store at uMobileCam Camera
    * Monitor : Free download from Mac Store at uMobileCam Monitor

  • PC with Windows 7 or later
    * Camera: Free download at www./ubntek.com/umobilewincamera
    * Monitor : Free download at www./ubntek.com/umobilewinmonitor

  • Note that “uMobileCam Monitor” is not allowed to view “uMobileCam Camera” on Mac or Windows.

  • To make sure that your webcam and microphone are enabled on your computer
  • To save your images to cloud server, refer to Google Drive, Dropbox

Main Features

  • Remotely monitors live video and audio feeds from camera enabled Android and iOS device and built in/USB webcam on Mac/Windows PC using the same user account

  • Supports different types of IP cameras with various options if applicable(Refer to support camera model)

  • Up to 8 numbers of devices (Android/iOS mobile devices and Mac/Windows computer) can be configured

  • Select either the front or back camera

  • 2 Way audio (Push to talk)

  • Background audio monitoring

  • No need to open ports or configure router or get static IP or DDNS (except IP camera)

  • Secured layer encryption for account authentication (user ID & Key, and Password)

  • Enable or disable Screen Timeout

  • Receive alerts over Push Notifications
    + Motion and audio detection alerts for mobile device and PC by enabling camera side option
    + With Email ID, event detection alert for network camera if applicable

  • Select either the front or back mobile device camera

  • Enable or disable mobile device LED Flashlight remotely when the back camera is selected

  • Automatically capture images by in-app motion and face detection to Photo Gallery

  • Audio & Motion detection with adjustable sensitivity up to 5 levels

  • In-app Motion detection selectable up to 16 windows

  • When events are detected on your camera, images can be optionally sent to Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Snapshots at regular intervals are taken and stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Easily retrieve images by camera name, event type and date stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Unlimited number of IP cameras can be configured

  • Switch IR-LED illumination for night vision IP camera on/off

  • Enable or disable Upside down, Mirror, Invert Pan Tilt

  • Auto preset patrol and sequence for IP cameras

  • Enable or disable IP camera and reorder on the list

  • Long press the camera name to clone IP camera setup

  • Exchange setup file between IP cameras (Export/Import)

    MULTI-VIEWS In App Billing Features

  • Easily view multiple feeds simultaneously on a screen with layout controls (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 views)

  • Auto sequence multiviews on one screen

  • Live single audio and max 9 video feeds on one screen

  • Swipe back and forth between multiple cameras screens