uLinksysCam allows the user to remotely monitor live video feeds with an incredibly intuitive touch screen user interface for Linksys network cameras.

The app is a universal app which works on your Android phone and tablet – Only requires one time purchase.

Unlike most IP camera applications; it not only gives the user professional monitoring capabilities with face and motion detect but enables to quickly and easily add new models right after user’s request through our open architecture software.

Now view what your camera’s lens see virtually from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage or even cellular networks.

Main Features

  • Direct access to audio and video streams from IP cameras, No NVR or 3rd party server is required

  • Pinch to digitally zoom for any part of the display screen that the user desires

  • Unlimited number of cameras can be configured

  • Pan and Tilt controls (Max 8 directions)

  • Automatically capture images by in-app motion and face detection

  • Auto sequence monitoring for automatic cameras switching - selectable an interval between views of either 5, 10, or 15 seconds

  • Switch IR-LED illumination for night vision on/off

  • Activate or deactivate output port for connecting external devices
  • Optical zooming option if the user's camera has the optics lens

  • Presets control up to 8 spots if applicable

  • Auto patrol to preset positions according to the preset number and time interval
  • Control an automated vertical/horizontal patrol if applicable

  • Enable or disable Upside down, Mirror, Invert Pan Tilt

  • Adjust video resolution

  • Effortlessly navigate cameras with the variety of portrait and landscape modes
  • For smooth and easy access to many featured functions, you can swiftly navigate through the control panels underneath the camera feed. (Slide horizontally where the audio graph is displayed)

  • Enable or disable camera on the list
  • Long press the camera name to clone
  • Reorder camera list
  • Passcode protect the app on your device

  • Enable or disable Screen Timeout

  • Quickly and easily add new models with reload button

  • Exchange setup file between the devices

  • Compatible with Dynamic DNS services
  • Take snapshots or share via email, Facebook and/or Twitter

    In App Billing Features for Multi-Views

  • Easily view multiple feeds simultaneously on a screen with layout controls (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 views)

  • Auto sequence mutiviews on one screen
  • Swipe back and forth between multiple cameras screens

  • Last layout are automatically saved


You need to make a note as follows:

  • Before you can control your camera(s) remotely over 3G/4G/Edge/other Wi-Fi networks, you need to setup your router to allow incoming traffic. For security reasons, routers don't normally allow external traffic into your home/office network. You should read your camera’s setup manual regarding port forwarding.
  • Some ISPs can block incoming connections to well known ports (80 and 8080 for HTTP, 20 and 21 for FTP, 25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3). If that is the case, you need to forward a non blocked port number in the router and map it into the camera port number.
  • The quality of video display(s) shown on your device may vary according to your device performance, the quality of the camera(s), and the data received from them.
  • The response time of PTZ control and multiple cameras view depends on the network and/or your device itself and/or camera capability which may cause a little bit of delay in feedback.