First of all, you have to configure your mail server by doing your camera settings through a web browser. Login with an admin account, and then click Administrator mode for "Mail Service Settings".

Make sure "Sender" is your own mail address to send images captured by motion detection, "Receiver 1" is for receiving them. Please note to do "Submit" first before click "Test", then you will see the test result. For more information about how to setup, you need to read "Mail Service Settings" in the FOSCAM camera user manual.

In portrait mode on iPhone or iPad, swipe from right to left till you have found the "Motion Detect & E-Mail Alarm" screen. You can enable "Motion Detect Armed" and "Send Mail on Alarm" at the same time, just by toggling "Motion Detect & E-mail Alarm" button ON with adjustable motion sensitivity up to 10 steps. Please note this control requires admin account login. It is disabled using user login.