What is uFoscam

uFoscam on the Mac allows you to remotely monitor up to 9 multiple live video and audio feeds with top notch performance and super easy control for Foscam IP camera. Unlike the ordinary Foscam applications, uFoscam not only gives the user many more options for operation, but enables to quickly and easily add new models right after user’s request through our open architecture software.

The most spectacular cutting edge technique of this application is the open architecture client which enables the software to dynamically update on demand, without requiring modification of the source code & Mac Store update process. What that means is that we can easily & quickly support most of the models if the IP cams meet our functional requirements right after some tests. Thus, our team made the new cameras possible to be added right after tapping a “reload” button.

Another differentiating feature is that motion detected videos are remotely automatic recorded in your local folders while you’re watching video camera.
Just download and click uFoscam to listen and watch your camera virtually from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage or even cellular data networks.

Watch this screen shots to get a better understanding of what uFoscam is all about.

Main Features

  • Direct access to audio and video streams from IP cameras, No NVR or 3rd party server is required

  • Unlimited number of cameras can be configured

  • Pan and Tilt controls with up to 8 directions if applicable

  • Recordings can be scheduled to start and stop multiple times on any particular day, or the same time periods can be set for multiple days simultaneously

  • Export event recordings in the specific time duration to one video clip

  • Simply playback video from scheduled, event recordings by daily or hourly search

  • Automatically record videos with audio by in-app noise and motion/face detection

  • Enable or disable motion/face detection up to 9 cameras (max 4 recommended in dual core CPU)

  • Easily view multiple feeds simultaneously on a screen with layout controls (1, 4, 8, 9 layouts)

  • Friendly navigate back and forth between multi cameras screen

  • Monitor baby’s movement with real time audio graph

  • Auto sequence monitoring for automatic cameras switching

  • Analyze Sleep Patterns, Forward the graph to an email

    ▷ The app not only stores the audio data on the camera device for seven days, but shows a time-line graph of your baby’s sleep patterns up to 12 hours which can be sent to an email. This function does not attempt to explain the unusuality in your baby’s sleep pattern since corrected data is limited; it is only based on movement, just help parent to better understand your baby’s regular sleep habits

  • 2 Way audio with Push To Talk

  • Switch IR-LED illumination for night vision on/off

  • Presets control up to 15 spots if applicable

  • Auto patrol to preset positions according to the preset number and time interval
  • Control an automated vertical/horizontal patrol if applicable

  • Enable or disable Upside down, Mirror, Invert Pan Tilt, Aspect Fit

  • Adjust video resolution

  • Quickly and easily add new models with reload button

  • Exchange setup file between the Mac computers via email attachment

  • Adjust brightness and contrast

  • Mirror and flip mode on/off

  • Adjust light frequency

  • Compatible with Dynamic DNS services