Experience Ubiquitous Service with UBNTEK’s Technology
On the go

uDaycare is a service, which allows parents to view their children at day care or at school at any time during the day from any location. With uDaycare solution, you can now give your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can see their children anytime throughout the day. All that is needed is a smart phone as well as a feather phone with Wi-Fi or cellular networks connection.

We fully expect this type of surveillance service to be available in all types of facilities in the next few years. Centrally hosted server maximizes performance and reliability. We will be offering this type of surveillance system to nursing homes, storage facilities, schools, convenience stores etc. The future for this type of service is wide open.

For security purposes, authorized parents can then log in with a unique user name and password enabling them to view streaming images of their children over Wi-Fi or cellular networks connection.

You may have seen "nanny-cams" or childcare cams before. Likely, these had a small image, were blurry, and were more of a slideshow than streaming video. Those cameras are using technology that was implemented years ago, when video was very new on the internet. As movie trailers,, Yahoo video and others have proven, video is now a mature medium on the internet. It's time to upgrade your expectations for live video surveillance. Because we use a managed central server, unlike the old "IP Camera" technology, only one video feed is sent out from the source. That video feed is then sent out to each logged-in parent directly from our high-speed servers. This avoids bandwidth overload problems that plague the old technology. Another amazing benefit of uDaycare over other video systems is our ease of use. Unlike IP-cams, there are no special plugins, Active-X controls, or other software to download. All you need is a simple webcam to broadcast, and a standard web browser to view the video. That's it. Really. Couldn't be easier!

Business opportunities in your community

We at uDaycare have recently developed a state-of-the-art Internet-based CCTV monitoring service, and are currently bringing it to market. This technology will become the industry standard among childcare providers, business owners and families.

We are currently looking for distributors who are experienced in the security industry and can utilize their existing relationships within the community. uDaycare treats each distributor as an independent who in turn enjoys:

  • Percentage of recurring billing oncontracts
  • No upfront investment into uDaycare
  • Freedom to up-sell all existing clients
  • Effortless set-up
  • No complicated software installation
  • Nothing but an Internet connection required to view feed
  • Complete plug & play system
  • Works with CCTV systems