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uCamPro offers surveillance solutions for virtually every situation, which will save customers time and money and give them peace of mind. It is already integrated with major cell phone and PDA manufacturers such as iPhone/iPod Touch, Samsung, LG and supports network cameras over fifteen major different models. Our customers have been getting the most of uCamPro in a Wi-Fi hot spot that carriers have recently been announcing the possibility of a free or very cheap nationwide wireless broadband network - a lot of parks and coffee shops offer free connectivity.

uCam Server is carrier and internet-class robust, scalable and reliable server that run on Linux environments and connect to the video source through IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs or Video Servers (encoders). It processes the video stream based on the accepted formats on the cell phones, screen sizes and phone capabilities through almost all cell phone carrier gateways. It also manages the users, access rights, allowed DVRs and perform other administrative functions.

Scalable architecture supports thousands of concurrent users viewing the same camera or multiple cameras with Wi-Fi coverage or even cellular networks.

The possible applications are the following areas; traffic real-time monitoring for interested spot which requires interaction with public traffic monitoring system, Factory, farm, industry installation facilities, business center, office monitoring, education, health facility monitoring service for customer, pet or child care service for customer, construction area, safety zone area, security guardian company.