Auto Discovery and Connection

You can simply connect both devices to the same WiFi or Bluetooth network due to auto discovery. Both devices switch automatically to the built in Bluetooth connection when Wi-Fi is not available. If Wi-Fi is available, however we recommend you to turn Bluetooth off to protect some conflict between WiFi and Bluetooth. High resolution is not recommended in Bluetooth connection.

Event Detect and Record

You will know exactly what happens during the night, the app records every moments if event detect is enabled, so that you can later replay them or save to Camera Roll or forward them to an email. The higher sensitivity enables the app to be able to detect sensitive events. Audio Level 5 is ideal in total silence at home during nighttime.

Background Multitasking

You can read email, browse the web, even send text messages while the app is running in the background.

Sleep Patterns

Specially, the app not only stores the audio data on the Baby camera device for seven days, but shows a time-line graph of your baby’s sleep patterns up to 12 hours which can be sent to an email. This app does not attempt to explain the mysterious process of sleep since corrected data is limited; it is only based on movement, just help parent to better understand your baby’s regular sleep habits.

Play Lullaby

You can add up to 5 lullabies to help your baby's sleep. You need to have them checked in the playlist to play later by tapping music icon on screen.

Store Files or Export

it will take time to combine the audio and video clips into a single file to save to your Camera Roll, depending on your device’s performance or the file size.

Alert Call

You need to specify a phone number to place an alert call when a noise reaches an audio sensitivity level which could also be useful for knowing when your baby wakes up. The alert call will be automatically activated if you're away from your local Wi-Fi zone.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, or even recommendations for the new application, please contact us at the email address listed in your app support.