• Axis Common: 206, 207, 209MFD, 210, 211, 212PTZ, 214PTZ, 215PTZ, 216FD, 216 MFD, 221, 223MW, 225FD, M1011, M1031, M1033, M1034, M1054, M1145, M3006, M3027, M3204, M5013, M5014, P1343, P1346, P1425, P3301, P3304, P3343, P3344, P3346, Q1755, Q3505, Q6034
  • Axis 2120, 2130: 2120, 2130R
  • Axis 5512, 5522: P5512, P5522
  • Axis 5532: P5532
  • Axis 5534: P5534
  • Axis 6032: Q6032
  • Axis 6035: 6035
  • Axis Encoder Camera 1 ~ 6: 240Q, 241Q, 2400, Q6032, Q7401
  • Axis Encoder Quad: 240Q, 241Q, 2400, Q6032, Q7401
  • Our open software architecture makes it easy for you to address future requirements with technology upgrades which enables the software to dynamically update on demand, without requiring modification of the source code & application update process. What that means is that we can easily & quickly support most of the models if the camera meets our functional requirements right after some tests.
    Our team made the new cameras possible to be added right after tapping a “reload” button


You need to make a note as follows:

  • Before you can control your camera(s) remotely over data networks, you must to setup your router to allow incoming traffic. For security reasons, routers don't normally allow external traffic into your home/office network. You should read your camera’s setup manual regarding port forwarding. For more information on port forwarding and router configuration, please see
    Some ISPs can block incoming connections to well-known ports (80 and 8080 for HTTP, 20 and 21 for FTP, 25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3). If that is the case, you need to forward a non-blocked port number in the router and map it into the camera port number.

  • The quality of video display(s) shown on your device may vary according the quality of the camera(s) and the data received from them.

  • The response time of PTZ control and multiple cameras view depends on the network and/or your device itself and/or camera capability which may cause a little bit of delay in feedback.

  • Simultaneously continuous capturing videos by maximum motion detection enabled may cause increased video frame and audio delays.

  • You can find the recordings on the right hand side of the page by clicking the right mouse button on the video screen and choosing "Playback" option from the actions menu.

  • You can export recordings to where you want to save by clicking “Export” button at the bottom of screen, but the app can't change the default folder.


Contact Us

Please tell us the camera model which you are using if your camera isn't on the list of supported cameras. We are continually expanding the range of supported cameras.

If you have any questions or comments, or even recommendations for the new application, contact us at the email address listed in the app store.