Software Setup

• Download the uWebCam desktop software compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP by clicking the "uWebCam" link.

• Install uWebCam software on your desktop PC.

• The installation wizard will guide you through the steps required to install uWebCam desktop software. It is recommended that you close all other applications before starting Setup. This will make it possible to update relevant system files without having to reboot your computer.

• Run the uWebCam.

• If asked to Block or Unblock the desktop application, choose unblock to ensure your video stream is accessible.

• Setup for user and DDNS account.

• Enter login, password, and port number, DDNS account only if is used.

• Start uCamPro or uNetCams on your SmartPhone, and enter the same uWebCam login, password, and port number matches the uWebCam port chosen.

Network Setup

• The router is the device that the Internet sees; it holds the public IP address. The computers behind the router, on the other hand, are invisible to the Internet as they hold a local IP address each. Port forwarding is necessary in the router because computers will send information directed to the public IP address and the router needs to know where to send that information.

• Your local IP address should be automatically shown to you by this desktop software once installed and started. If your computer is behind a router, the router will need to setup your router to allow incoming traffic by mapping the public IP address into the local IP address through the port forwarding technique. For more information on port forwarding and router configuration, please see

• For security reasons, routers don't normally allow external traffic into your home or office network.

• Some ISPs can block incoming connections to well known ports (80 and 8080 for HTTP, 20 and 21 for FTP, 25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3). If that is the case, you need to forward a non blocked port number in the router and map it into your computer port number.

DDNS Setup

• The free Dynamic DNS service allows you to create a hostname that points to your home or office IP address for easy connect to your cameras from anywhere. Use your personalized URL to view your network cameras as well as webcams, our software syncs your domain to your network automatically if you get a DDNS account from

• If you have already got your own static IP address or other DDNS account, you don’t need to fill in the blanks.