Experience Ubiquitous Service with UBNTEK’s Technology
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The UBNTEK management team has highly experienced professional members in the wired and wireless telecommunication industries. They share a vision of a ubiquitous society with cutting edge technologies.


David Choi, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Choi is President, CEO of UBNTEK Co., Ltd. and has driven the innovative strategy of the company since 2009. Prior to founding of UBNTEK, he began his technology career as a chief engineer in R&D Center of Daewoo Telecom, one of the major telecom companies in Korea. He also led worldwide mobile solution teams in North America distribution and had a significant role in building both the GSM and CDMA cellular businesses.

Senior Executive with 25 years experience in all aspects of project management with particular emphasis on R&D, product development and bringing products to market. Most recently have focused upon the emerging and growing wired & wireless industry and product technologies inherent in this industry. Significant experience in Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) Infrastructure and Next Generation Networks (NGNs) solutions such as IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), Enterprise Softswitch, based Service (LBS), Surveillance system development and utilization.

He is a Committee member in Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information. He holds a PhD degree in Electronics Engineering from Korea University.


Daniel Kim, Chief Technology Officer of R&D Center

Dr. Daniel Kim is CTO of UBNTEK Co., Ltd. and has over 15 years of R&D experience in the fields of wired and wireless, and Voice/Data communications such as 3GPP2 CDMA, WCDMA, All-IP networks, and even Home Networking. Before joining the UBNTEK, he was a Principal Research Engineer of Hyundai electronics which is one of the major telecom companies in Korea, had full responsibility on Base Station Controller (BSC), Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN), Home Network solution development. He received his PhD degree in Information Processing from Korea University.


Kevin Kim, Managing Director of Marketing

In his role as Director of Marketing, Mr. Kim focuses on key carrier customer accounts and working relationships with major technology equipment companies. Joining UBNTEK in 2010, he brought with him more than two decades of telecommunications industry experience. He gained most of that experience at HP, where he sold a broad range of telecom products, particularly to regional carriers and rural network operators. He earned his MS degree in Electronics Engineering from Korea University.